Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Here are some pictures of our summer adventure to the Grand Canyon. There is one picture of Cam and Emma at the Wind Caves, and the rest are at Slide Rock in Sedona. Enjoy. And yes, that look on my face is pure shock. The water was extremely cold! Emma has that scowl on her face because she hated getting cold and wet. She sat there with a towel around her the whole time we were there.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Back In The Swing Of Things

Well after a long hiatus, I have decided that I should get back into things. We have since moved into our condo, and Cameron has started school. It still is darned hot here, and I am excited for the weather to cool down a little. Here are some of the things that we have been up to since we moved back to AZ. I will try to post fun pictures soon.

June was a fun month, because I was finally able to go and see the Grand Canyon. We first drove up to Sedona, and had some fun at Slide Rock. It was very, very cold and I got up the courage to jump off of the rock into the water. My Mother-In-Law also videotaped the expression on all of our faces as we first entered the water and went down the rocks. It was a lot of fun, and the view was great! We then headed out to our campground for the night at Meteor Crater outside of Flagstaff. It was a great campground with lots of room, and a great fire pit. I will have to say though, if we didn't have our kids with us, I would have enjoyed myself thoroughly. The kids did not sleep well due to it being so cold. They finally snuggled in with Cam and I, but the mattress started to lose some air, and I kept falling off the mattress. I finally gave up, and went to go sleep in the pickup truck.

It was a really bad night, but we then packed up and went to the lava tubes. I stayed behind with Brooks, Loa, Whitney and Bailey. Everyone seemed to have a good time, and we then officially headed to our campsite at the Grand Canyon. Our campsite was great! We each had our own little pad, and we had some really good food. Due to our rough night prior, we decided to change things up. I slept with Brooks so he would stay warm, and Cam had his own air mattress, and Emma had her own as well. All was good until about 3:00am. Emma decided that she wanted to get up and play. She was shivering the whole time that she was up, and I finally told her that I would take her on a walk and show her how dark it was. We walked for about 200 yards before she decided she wanted to go back to sleep.

The next day was great we walked all around, and it was so beautiful. The squirrels there are not shy in the least bit. We were also able to see some Condors. We then hit a place called the Watchtower. I thought that it had the best views of all. The tower itself was so cool. All in all it was a great trip, and I hope that we can do it again sometime.

The 4th of July was fun, and we had a good day of swimming, eating, and watching the fireworks. It was really low stress this year. We went to Apache Junction High School to watch the fireworks. We got there about a half an hour before it started and we got right in and had a great view! Brooks and Emma were enamored with the show.

We had a good summer. We have had the opportunity to do a lot of swimming and playing on toys inside of the mall. Emma is excited for Halloween, and I hope that she comes to love the holiday as much as I do.