Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Okay Everyone,

I finally found the USB cable for my digital camera. Sorry it has taken so long. As I was going through the pictures, I realized that I haven't taken any pictures of Emma since Easter. I hope that you all enjoy them. If you can't find the link (I know it is tiny) it is in the upper left hand side that says Flickr photos.

I have mixed feeling for tonight's American Idol Finale. To be perfectly honest I am relived that it is over. I just have not formed an attachment to any of the contestants. Yes, I like Jordan and Blake in their own ways, but Kelly Clarkson, Clay Aiken, and Carrie Underwood just hit it out of the park vocally. I think American Idol went through a slump like this back when Dianna Degarmo and Fantasia Burrino where up for the title. I didn't care much for that season either.

One thing I am excited about, is "So You Think you Can Dance?" It is starting on Thursday I believe, and dancing is always something that I wished I did well. Maybe I can be taught by the greats in Heaven. I swear that the winner last year Benji was Mormon. Swear it. What do you all think? Did you watch?

I am going to Pirates of the Caribbean on Friday morning. We feel that is a good time to go due to the fact that there won't be that many children out and about yet since it is the first day of summer vacation. Hopefully my top ten list afterwards will be "The 10 Best Things about Pirates." Looks awesome, and I have my hopes up. Hopefully they won't be dashed to pieces.

Monday, May 14, 2007

What do you think????

Well I need some feedback as to how you like my new site.

Couple of things. Sunday was Mother's Day, and I love the fact that I am now a mother. For about 3 years, I would cry and be a little down when this day came due to the fact that we couldn't get pregnant. I never thought that I would LOVE Mother's Day. Cameron had a present sitting out on the table, and when I opened it, there was a DVD called Center Stage. I already had that particular movie on VHS, so I was a little confused. There also was a computer game called Jewel Quest as well. I will admit, I was a little disappointed. Cameron is always so thoughtful and can come up with some really sentimental things. I was reading the back of the computer game when Emma came running into the room. She had a box and a card in her hand. I opened the box, and inside was a pearl necklace. I didn't want to cry because Cameron would have made fun of me, but I absolutely loved it. I loved getting a card from my little girl with her name Cameron must have helped her scribble. It was a great day, and I think this will be one of the holidays that I will enjoy.

Cameron and I have decided to go on a vacation to San Diego. Emma is big enough now to enjoy Sea World, and I have never been either. We are going over Memorial Day weekend, and I think that may be a bad decision on our part. Cameron is extremely stressed out with his job, and I think that he needs a couple of days away just to enjoy life and not worry about work. We are also going to the San Diego Zoo. I am excited to get away, and will update you all with pictures and everything. I promise!

One last thing. I really, really, really hope that the Suns can pull out a win against the Spurs. My husband is so into his team. His mood rides on whether or not the Suns win or not. I think that they need to win a championship. Steve Nash deserves one. He has already been jipped out of getting the MVP. We can all have a good laugh at how ridiculous the newly crowned MVP did during his playoff run. I don't know much about sports, but I do know that he let his team down when they needed him the most. I just really hope they can pull out a win.

Hope that you all enjoy hearing me ramble. Love to hear all the comments.

Thursday, May 3, 2007


Everyone needs to get ahold of themselves (Nick).

I will take responsibility for losing the usb port for our digital camera, but when Cameron came home today with about 10 usb ports that can be used for various things, not one of them fit our camera. Soooooo, we still have no pictures as of yet. I promise before the weekend is out I will have pictures for you all.

I am excited for tonight. Several of my friends and I are going to the midnight showing of Spider-man 3. I will let all of you know how I enjoyed it, and how much I slept through it. I always think that we as humans put a lot of ephasis on being entertained. The reason why I say that is very simple. As I was waiting in line to purchase tickets this morning, there where already two lines of people waiting for the movie. I almost feel bad that as a society we have nothing better to do than sit on a lawn chair all day long waiting to watch a movie that will be over in two hours. I like to think that I am better than they are, because I will only be standing in line for 2 hours rather than 13.

I also wanted to let everyone know how mad I was that Phil Stacey left American Idol last night. What is up with that! I loved his voice! Depends on what kind of a cd that he comes out with, but I will probably buy it.

Janae, if you read this I want to let you know that Diner Dash is the best computer game ever! It is fun, you should try it. They have a 60 minute free trial. Trust me, you try it you will like it. I have also found another favorite, Chocolatiere. I will post the websites where you can play the trials. I can't right now because I am at work.

Love you all.