Saturday, December 12, 2009

Movie Star In The Making

My sister had her 15 seconds of fame on her local news station. Check out the link to watch. It is the one at the bottom that says Tips on Hiding Holiday Gifts. She is the one that keeps her presents in the rubber maid container. CLICK HERE!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tutorial Week

Okay Everyone,

One of my friends in Missouri has one of the best blogs ever! She has a knack for writing, and she is a great photographer and super crafty gal. She is having a Tutorial week on her blog that shoes some awesome make it yourself stuff. Right now she is doing a CELEBRATE banner. Check out her blog, and enjoy some "ME" time during the holidays. CLICK HERE!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas Caper

 So first off, I won't be posting pictures anytime soon. Our digital camera went caput, and it costs more to fix it then it is worth. So at least for the rest of this year unless I scan pictures there will be no pics.  

Thanksgiving was really fun. We had the perfect amount of people, and the food was really good. I was also excited that I didn't have to make it this year. I was in charge of bringing Sweet Potatoes and Pecan Pie. I don't eat those things, and have never made them so I was a little nervous. I used fresh Sweet Potatoes and roasted them until they were tender and the skin just peeled right off. The topping was super yummy.

Before Thanksgiving there was a Martha Stewart Thanksgiving Special. She made her own pie crust and she also made a pecan pie on the show.
So, I copied Martha.
I have never attempted to make my own pie crust, and was excited to try. It ended up being a little dry and when I tried to roll it out it kept falling apart on me. I tried to salvage it, and it looked a little funky when it finally made it in the oven. Good thing is that my Mother-In-Law and my Brother-In-Law's girlfriend couldn't stop eating it. So yeah for me. I also got rave reviews about my sweet potatoes, and pecan pie. Everyone was impressed that I roasted my own potatoes.
What did everyone make for their Thanksgiving?

So Cam and I went Christmas shopping on Craigslist this year. Emma wanted a doll house so badly, but those things are SUPER expensive. I was looking through people selling dollhouses and found this. The lady on Craigslist was only selling it for 15 dollars, and it even had some extra dolls and accessories. It is in super great shape, and I think that I hit the jackpot.

We stashed the dollhouse wrapped in a blanket in our closet until we could put it in our attic. Well, I was out and Cam was home with Emma. Emma apparently came downstairs and told Cam that she found a talking dollhouse in our closet. She was so excited for Cam to see it. He told Emma that he had to use the bathroom first. He ran up to the master bath and while he was in there he hid the house up in the attic. When Emma came into the closet and saw that it wasn't there she was super confused. Cam just kept telling her that he didn't see anything, and Emma was so insistent that is was there. After Cam had her thouroughly confused, she had to call me on the phone and tell me what she saw.

I had to think quick, and this is what I told her. "You saw a dollhouse? That must mean you are really special. Santa wasn't sure what you wanted for Christmas so he made the dollhouse appear to see if you would like it and play with it. Since he saw how excited you were, he magically took it back to the workshop so he could make it even prettier and more fun." That must have appeased her, because she now thinks that Santa likes to do magic tricks. I also told her that we had to make sure to write a list and send it to Santa so that he was sure that was what she wanted. Have any of you ever had that happen, and if it did what did you say or do? The last thing I need is my almost 4 year old think that Santa isn't real.

This Christmas is going to be really fun now that Emma really understands who Santa is. Although it does get a little annoying telling her that everyone who has a santa hat on isn't necessarily Santa. Whew! Happy Holidays!