Sunday, November 30, 2008

Its Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

I think I was the only one that didn't drag myself out of bed Black Friday and go shopping. I did it last year, and I don't think I will be doing it again anytime soon. Instead, I got to sleep in and we got ready to go have some fun as a family.

Cameron heard at his work that Santa comes in on a Helicopter and lands in the shopping center where he works. We thought that sounded like fun, so we went. He arrived on a News 5 copter, and he landed in right next to us. It was crazy windy, and Emma was one of the only children not frightened by it. Santa then got out with his Elf, and went around the crowd taking pictures and handing out candy canes. Emma had a really good time, and she wasn't afraid of Santa at all. Ya know, it is free events like this that make me happy that I live in St. Louis. There is just so many family friendly events around here.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Turkey Day

Well I hope that you all had a great Thanksgiving. Ours was pretty good. I tried to get Emma to watch a little of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, but she wasn't interested. I remember they used to have a lot more balloons in the parade when I was growing up. Now it is all dancers and famous people.

Cam and I made our own Thanksgiving meal this year, and I was pretty much in the kitchen from 10:00 am to 4:30 pm. Whew! Things turned out well. My gravy was a little greasy, and the green bean casserole ended up being green bean soup, but the important things turned out well. Here is my turkey.

I also had to make the famous Owens rolls. I have made them a couple of times, and they are getting better, but just not quite the way they are supposed to be. Here is the story behind the rolls:

When Cameron's Grandma Lerue was living in Texas during World War II while her husband was stationed there. She was approached one day at the post office by a nice looking man who asked if she was a soldier's wife. When she said she was, he asked if she had a driver's license. She again said yes. Many women at that time didn't drive. He then asked if she was looking for work. Although she had a job she was curious to know what he had in mind. The man, a Mr. Connelly, was looking for a part-time caregiver for his invalid wife. Lerue began taking Mrs. Connelly out to lunch a few times a week in addition to other duties. Mrs. Connelly liked to go over the state line into Oklahoma to a special restaurant. One day Lerue asked to see the chef to compliment him on his wonderful Parkerhouse rolls. She then asked for the recipe, and that became the rolls that Cameron's Grandma was famous for.

After we ate, we were invited over to a friends house for pie. There were a couple of families there, and a lot of pie. Two pumpkin cheesecakes, 2 apple, a coconut cream, a chocolate, and I believe a pecan pie. It was all really good. I missed being near family, but we had great friends around and there isn't anything better than my husband and children.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Well, It Was Worth It!


I was able to go to the movie on Saturday, and I loved it. You have to be able to go into this movie knowing that they are going to take some liberties, and take it for what it is. They do a good job of following the book, and I thought they did a great job with the casting. Here is my breakdown.

EDWARD: He surprised me. I wasn't sure I would like him, but I was very pleasantly surprised. I loved the color of his eyes, and the way they made him twinkle in the sun was cool. I think he needs to work on his acting when it comes to him being serious, but it was only a couple of times. I also hated his sunglasses in one scene. They looked like they belonged in the 1980's. Other than that, he did great.

BELLA: She did an AWESOME job! I think they could have played up the clumsy part a little bit more, and I think they could have dressed her up a little more for prom, but over all she did a great job.

JACOB: I will have to see. I just think they could have done a better job casting him. I know he is a little younger than Bella in the book, but he just seemed too young. Does that make sense? Anyways, he wasn't in there for too long so we will have to see when they make the next one.

EDWARDS FAMILY: They all did a super duper job! I loved everyone, and it was just a home run. Rosalie did a great job. A lot of people thought she could have been prettier, but come on she is gorgeous already. Carslille did such a good job. He just was so smooth and everything came across natural. Esme was just like I pictured her, as well as Jasper, Alice, and Emmett. Just overall it was great!

I know I haven't talked about some characters, but it would have taken too long. I want to go see it again. Like I said, it had its flaws, but if you go in knowing it will be a little different you will be happy. The books of course will always be better. Let me know what you thought.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Twilight Here I come!!!!!

I have become so excited for this movie!

I had to save a few pennies (okay a lot of pennies) but I got my ticket. A lot of us from the relief society are going. I read the book again, and I have even listened to the soundtrack in preperation for the movie. I was so excited to find this blog background from TCBOTB. Nothing says Thanksgiving like vampires right?

Hopefully you are all Twilight fans, and are going to the movie as well. Check out my movie bar on the right hand side, and take a look at the previews. I figure that my sister can be obsessed with New Kids On The Block, so why can't I be addicted to Twilight. LOL!

A Day in the Life

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Punkins and Scary Costumes

We had a great Halloween. The weather in St. Louis was in the 70's! Emma was a little hopped up if you can't tell from the first picture.

The pumpkin in the middle I carved with the kids in Emma's Joy School, and the two on either end are the pumpkins I carved. It took my 5 hours to carve those puppies. I secretly love it, but I wish they would last a little longer than a day or two.

We let Emma eat as much candy as she wanted on Saturday, and she hasn't asked for any since. Hopefully she will be like my sisters. I was the candy freak in my family, and my sisters would still have Halloween candy at Christmas. Come on people, live a little. Unfortunatly I can't eat that much now if I want to not gain 500 million pounds. I hope that you all had a great Hallospookyween.

Happy Holidays I guess?

Monday, November 3, 2008

A Few Of My Favorite Things!

I just thought I would do this short post to tell you of a couple of things I have discovered that I love! First off, Honeycrisp apples. Yum! Yum! I can only afford like two because they are so expensive but worth it. They are crispy and sweet. Best apple I have ever had. 

Second, Softsoap soap in Pomegranate and Mango. Makes me want to wash my hands all the time. Not like I don't wash my hands, but you know what I mean. Buy it, try it, love it. Thanks for letting me rant.