Friday, August 22, 2008

Sorry, It's Been Awhile

So I have to say that I have been looking like this a lot lately.

I have kind of been going through a funk. I know I need to do housework and play with my kids, and cook dinner, and do laundry, and shower, and have play dates with friends, etc.... I guess I needed to just be a bum for awhile. I have decided that I am at least going to start with myself. I am going to get in the shower everyday, do my hair, makeup, and get dressed. When I do that, I look like this.

Bootimous! I never really though that I looked that much different when I tried. But ya know what, I do! So now that I am showering on a regular basis, feel free to come over. At least I will be dressed. I don't know about anyone else. Here is kind of how my week went.


Was about a half an hour late to church. We have never been that late. Anywho, I found out a lady in the ward needs someone to work from home entering in data. I happily applied for the job, and now am able to work and stay at home. Yipeee!


Started my first day of working at home. Nothing got cleaned up, and I didn't shower. I don't even think I made dinner.


Another boring day. I think I got in the shower, but this day is a little fuzzy. Ya know, the mom crack that you sometimes get on.


This was the worst day. Had the worst dream on Tuesday night, and woke up screaming. I of course scared the crap out of Cameron, and he woke up screaming at me to tell him what was wrong. The dream was pretty much about our kids getting killed, and the guy was coming after me. Of course this dream took place in our house, so it is always hard to go back to sleep after that.

Then, I decided to take Emma and Brooks to a different park. I didn't have the car, but it was only about a mile. The only thing I didn't think about was that it was one mile uphill. Whoosh! I was tired. Emma had a sippy cup of water, and I stole it and drank the whole thing. She wasn't very happy with me. Then, she only wanted to stay at the park for like 15 minutes. We were leaving the park, and I turned around to latch the gate and I hear screeching tires. I turn around and my daughter is standing in the middle of the road with a car right in front of her. I can't tell you the terror I had at that moment. The guy was pretty mad at me, but he calmed down after he saw my terror stricken face. It scared Emma pretty badly too. I was embarrassed as well thinking that all the moms at the park were thinking I was a bad mom. She literally was out of my site for 2 seconds.

Anyhow, we walked all the way back home which wasn't so bad because it was all downhill. Then, I got an email from my sister-in-law talking about a sensitive subject. Well after having had a horrible dream, and almost seeing my daughter get hit by a car I burst into tears. I then sent out an email to everyone I knew telling them not to send me that kind of stuff. Sorry everyone who was in that email. That was my day in a nutshell. At least I showered that day.


I showere today. I took Emma to this little preschool thing, and that took up most of my morning. Then I had to do some work, go pick up my husband, and get ready to have book club at my home. Due to being in such a funk, I forgot that book club was this week, and didn't even read the book. I felt so dumb. The book we read was A Wrinkle in Time. I read that book when I was younger and enjoyed it a lot more then I think. Anywho, I wasn't about to make dinner, so yet again we got something to eat. I was pleasantly surprised to see so many people come. Hopefully they will just keep coming. After that was all said and done, I sat down and watched Return To Me. I love that movie.


I showered today. Ya! I took Emma over to a friends house, and we made cards for Grandparent's Day that is coming up. It was nice to just chill and talk to friends. After that, I didn't have any work to do, so I took a nap. Mind you my house still looks like a bomb went off. After we woke up, I cleaned up Brooks' room and did the dishes. Then we went to McDonald's and then over to my friend Allison's house for some more playtime. Where is my husband during all of this you ask? He is playing D&D tonight, so I haven't seen him all day. I feel bad for him, because he pretty much has a 6 day a week job, and he isn't getting paid nearly enough money.

Well that has been my week so far. Pretty exciting I know. I will let you know if anything else is worth sharing.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Goodbye Laundry Mats



Can I say that I am in heaven? Here is how it happened. I received an email from a couple in our ward that was moving, and wanted to give their old washer and dryer to someone deserving in our ward. Another lady in our ward got there first, but after finding out that we didn't even have a washer and dryer, she let me have them. She already had a set, but just wanted to update. I was so grateful to her, and last Monday my husband set out to load them up and bring them home. When Cam got home, he told me that she wanted to keep her older washer and dryer, and she gave us the brand new set that she bought in February. So not only did we get a washer and dryer for free, it is brand new. I can't tell you how happy I am that I only have to walk down some stairs to put some laundry in. I don't think that I can ever go back to a laundry mat again. Thank you Natalie Lukens!