Wednesday, August 22, 2007

What do you think?

Well everyone, I went to the doctor today and they couldn't find the heartbeat of the baby. K, little freaked out by that. So they took me into the ultrasound room, and everything is okay. Phew! and big sigh of relief. My doctor said that it must have been the position, but I got to see my tiny little baby squirming away and its little heart a beatin'. I am glad that so far everything looks great! My due date is March 3rd, but since I have to have a c-section I am not sure when they will schedule that. I put a poll out for you all to let me know if I will be having a boy or a girl. Let me know if you visit.

Some other news, is that Cameron's really good friend Bryon Richards lost his job at Bank of America. It was a little fishy, but Cameron had a hard time dealing with that recently. We are trying to help Bryon's family out as much as we can at this point. His wife Jeanette has been great about continuing to watch Emma. Any money helps, but it must be even more stressful.

I also wanted to say that next week will probably be my last in Primary. I love being in the Primary organization so much. I haven't heard anything from the bishopbric so far in regards to my release, or a new calling so I don't know what is going to happen. I just hope that I will still be put to work. I will let you know how that all works out.

See ya all later.


Shad said...

Uh, I probably wouldn't publicize the fact that my husband is looking for a job. If one of his supervisors or co-workers happens to read this blog he could get fired. It's pretty common knowledge that you never let your current employer know that you are job hunting until you have another job offer....just an FYI.

Patrick & Kristin Owens said...

YIKES scary... I am glad that they were able to find the heart beat, thats so scary! They probably freaked you out! Hope you are feeling good! -

N. E. Miller said...

Scary times, it sounds like. But I'm glad to hear some updates on your blog. Gotta keep us updated!