Sunday, October 23, 2011

It's About Dang Time

Okay family and friends. I know that you have been asking that I do this, so here it is. I am just going to start with the last couple of months, and go forward.

First picture is of Brooks' first day of preschool. He is loving it. He wants to go everyday, and seems to be catching on rather quickly. Sometimes, Emma gets a little jealous if he learns something first. He can swim without the help of floatation devices, he can whistle, and he is not scared to smack the heck out of bugs. Love the little man!

Next up, Emma lost her first tooth. She came to me conference weekend, and said her tooth was loose. I was really surprised. She wiggled it all day on Saturday and Sunday. Sunday night she said that it was bothering her. Cam and I were watching t.v., and out she came with a bloody headband and her tooth in her hand. She got annoyed with her tooth and placed the elastic headband on either side of her tooth, and pulled. She was fine until she saw the blood. She only freaked out a little though, because I was laughing. She got a lot from the tooth fairy, because she was brave. She now has yet another loose tooth on the bottom. Go Emm's!!!

Next, I have expressed to Cameron my desire to get outdoors more. He agreed, and yesterday we went hiking. It was quite the experience. The desert although beautiful after rain, can also be ugly without the rain. It was a really pretty hike though once we gained some altitude. We saw a tarantula, and of course Brooks wanted to kill it. We tried to explain to them, that we were in their house so to speak and to leave them alone. We saw a lot of lizards, and grasshoppers. The kids were exhausted at the end, and the adults didn't fare much better either. We just need to do this more often.

Well, that is about all for now. Just hope that I can keep this up.


The Tenacious Two said...

Finally indeed! I love it! Emma and Brooks look so big! And it was fun to see pictures from your hike. Thanks so much for posting! Love you all much.

Heather said...

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