Thursday, May 3, 2007


Everyone needs to get ahold of themselves (Nick).

I will take responsibility for losing the usb port for our digital camera, but when Cameron came home today with about 10 usb ports that can be used for various things, not one of them fit our camera. Soooooo, we still have no pictures as of yet. I promise before the weekend is out I will have pictures for you all.

I am excited for tonight. Several of my friends and I are going to the midnight showing of Spider-man 3. I will let all of you know how I enjoyed it, and how much I slept through it. I always think that we as humans put a lot of ephasis on being entertained. The reason why I say that is very simple. As I was waiting in line to purchase tickets this morning, there where already two lines of people waiting for the movie. I almost feel bad that as a society we have nothing better to do than sit on a lawn chair all day long waiting to watch a movie that will be over in two hours. I like to think that I am better than they are, because I will only be standing in line for 2 hours rather than 13.

I also wanted to let everyone know how mad I was that Phil Stacey left American Idol last night. What is up with that! I loved his voice! Depends on what kind of a cd that he comes out with, but I will probably buy it.

Janae, if you read this I want to let you know that Diner Dash is the best computer game ever! It is fun, you should try it. They have a 60 minute free trial. Trust me, you try it you will like it. I have also found another favorite, Chocolatiere. I will post the websites where you can play the trials. I can't right now because I am at work.

Love you all.


N. E. Miller said...

There will be no forgiveness for not having pictures, yet. Still in the doghouse...

And it was okay for Phil to leave. I would rather have seen LaKisha go, but he was near the bottom of those left.

Here is the Idol breakdown: Jordin or Blake will likely win. They are the most marketable. Melinda is the most talented, if Idol was actually based on musical talent. LaKisha will be the next to leave. That's what The All-Knowing Nick says.

James Redd said...

I'm curious to know how you lost the USB port. Isn't that like losing a button hole? Maybe you lost the USB cord? Sorry, nerds like me are sticklers for that sort of thing.

Also, Nick is gay for being so into American Idle.

N. E. Miller said...

I called it. I rock.