Monday, May 14, 2007

What do you think????

Well I need some feedback as to how you like my new site.

Couple of things. Sunday was Mother's Day, and I love the fact that I am now a mother. For about 3 years, I would cry and be a little down when this day came due to the fact that we couldn't get pregnant. I never thought that I would LOVE Mother's Day. Cameron had a present sitting out on the table, and when I opened it, there was a DVD called Center Stage. I already had that particular movie on VHS, so I was a little confused. There also was a computer game called Jewel Quest as well. I will admit, I was a little disappointed. Cameron is always so thoughtful and can come up with some really sentimental things. I was reading the back of the computer game when Emma came running into the room. She had a box and a card in her hand. I opened the box, and inside was a pearl necklace. I didn't want to cry because Cameron would have made fun of me, but I absolutely loved it. I loved getting a card from my little girl with her name Cameron must have helped her scribble. It was a great day, and I think this will be one of the holidays that I will enjoy.

Cameron and I have decided to go on a vacation to San Diego. Emma is big enough now to enjoy Sea World, and I have never been either. We are going over Memorial Day weekend, and I think that may be a bad decision on our part. Cameron is extremely stressed out with his job, and I think that he needs a couple of days away just to enjoy life and not worry about work. We are also going to the San Diego Zoo. I am excited to get away, and will update you all with pictures and everything. I promise!

One last thing. I really, really, really hope that the Suns can pull out a win against the Spurs. My husband is so into his team. His mood rides on whether or not the Suns win or not. I think that they need to win a championship. Steve Nash deserves one. He has already been jipped out of getting the MVP. We can all have a good laugh at how ridiculous the newly crowned MVP did during his playoff run. I don't know much about sports, but I do know that he let his team down when they needed him the most. I just really hope they can pull out a win.

Hope that you all enjoy hearing me ramble. Love to hear all the comments.


Nicole said...

I haven't seen the new spiderman. I don't see any new movies unless they are out on dvd. I did just see "flushed away", and the kids loved it. They also loved "Night at the Museum". We also watched "Dream Girls", it was ok, but not that great. Last we watched "Dejavu" it was good, alot different than I thought it was going to be, but good.

If you think that dinner dash is fab, you need to try Mystic Inn. I like that one the best. I also like cake mania, flowershop, and plantasia. I just saw a new one called burger rush. I will have to try that one. But of all the ones I have tried, mystic Inn is my fav.

Nicole said...

I am sure glad you got something on mother's day. My husband only gives something to his mother, and doesn't go shopping with the kids, so consequently I don't get anything on mother's day. Addison is old enough, she knows it is mother's day. So, I did get a couple of homemade cards from her and a flower she picked from the yard. That was special for me. I just wish my husband was a little more sensitive. He hates holidays.

Brittany Owens said...

Burger Rush was ok, but I enjoy Diner Dash much, much more. I will have to try those others that you mentioned. Sorry that I didn't call you on Mother's Day. I am sorry that you didn't get anything from your hubby. Thanks for leaving the postings.

Babs said...

congrats to cameron for getting you something for Mother's Day - haven't talked to him since he was up here to see nick - tell him hello from us

jojo said...

We saw spiderman 3 last week. Torturously long, and yes Toby McGuire cannot dance. It was almost pianful to watch his rhythm, and yes I even had to cover my eyes in some dancing scenes-to unbearable to watch.

We are excited about pirates 3 though. My 7 year old is going insane over it.

I got phones for mother's day and lots of sweet homemade cards. Sean helped the kids make me breakfast in bed, and I to got flowers picked from the backyard Nicole.
The best part of mother's day for me, was playing with my kids outside that night and knowing that they love me-that they are all healthy and strong, and that I'm able to stay at home with them. That's the best mother's day present.

you guys are totally welcome to stay for the wedding.
Have fun at Sea World!!!! I loved it!!!!

N. E. Miller said...

Spider-man 3 blew chunks. Seriously. Toby Maguire may possibly be the worst example of a 'professional' actor I've ever seen.

Congrats on the Mother's Day necklace. Cam had to go and make us poor-folk look bad with his expensive taste! ;-)

As for the Suns, WHAT IS UP WITH THE NBA? Suspensions for Stoudemire and Diaw??? I hope the Suns beat down the Spurs anyway. That just ticks me off...

N. E. Miller said...

Boo-hoo. I can't believe the Suns lost that game. But on a positive note, Melinda got booted from Idol! ;-)

N. E. Miller said...

I love the top ten reasons you hated Spider-man 3. Although my list would've been a top thousand list, I think.