Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Well, I have just become a representative for Avon. I am excited about the venture, and I hope that I can be successful. My mom sold Avon when I was little, and it was the makeup that we always used. I still use Avon products, and thought that I would try to takle it as a business to help with the bills. If anyone is interested in purchasing, or just want to look at what kind of products they have, my personal website is Please come and take a look. If anyone lives in St. Louis and would like a catalog, let me know. Please try to help me in this and if you can buy something. I will feature something fun each campain, so keep your eye out. Thanks for letting me ramble about this.


Ally Cat Girl said...

Good luck! I'll have to get a catalog from you soon so I can check it out.