Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Give it up Bachelor

I have to admit that I have watched so many seasons of The Bachelor. I decided that this season I wasn't going to watch because he never seems to pick the girl that I want, and for the also obvious reason that they never stay together. I did decide however to watch the last couple of minutes of the finale, and also stuck around for the After The Rose special. I have to say, that these things just get more and more ridiculous ever single time that they are on. Pretty soon they are going to run out of ideas on how to create drama and they are going to end up with the first bi-sexual bachelor or bachelorette. It is just sad that anyone would agree to be on the show after watching season after season of failure. Well ya know, I guess it isn't all that surprising in today's world. Well that is my rant. I included a video from You-tube in case you missed all the drama. Enjoy!


Owens Family said...

Brittany-he was following his heart, didn't you hear him say that like 47 times. I love the Bachelor! And I will watch every season and Andy will pretend not to like while he watches it with me. It brings excitement to my Monday night!